What is a Professional Organizer?

A professional organizer is someone who will guide, encourage, and give you the knowledge on how to overcome your organizing barriers. An organizer will offer support and direction while listening without being judgmental to their clients. A professional organizer can help you be more efficient with your time.


Why Hire a Professional Organizer?

A professional organizer will help you clear your mind. Organized space helps you feel less stressed and can improve one’s mindset.

“A cluttered car equals a cluttered life, but if the space around you is clear you’ll have a clear mind throughout the day.”

I will be able to offer references for other home services, objective feedback, suggestions, and support along the way while making these changes. In the end you’ll free up more time and focus on what is truly important to you. After hiring a professional organizer you can invite guests over without thinking twice!


Do I need a Professional Organizer?

If any of the following statements below apply to you, a professional organizer will be of great service to you:

Do you have areas of clutter, such as unwanted piles of paper in your home?

Having difficulty finding items in your own home?

Wasting time searching for things?

Spending extra money on items you already have, but cannot locate them?

Are you stepping over items to get from A to B?

Embarrassed to host guests at your home?


What are the benefits of getting organized?

After the first few hours, you will feel stress-free from clutter and disorganization. You will feel much happier with your environment, not to mention you will know where everything is. Everything will have a place.


What questions should I ask before I hire a Professional Organizer?

Some important questions you might ask:

What are your areas of expertise?

Have you accomplished similar projects?

How long have you been a professional organizer?

What training and certifications do you have?

How do you charge for services? Hourly? Package deals?

Will you provide me with a written proposal or contract?

Can you outline your approach/process?

How much time will it take to get my space organized?

I can work as fast as you can make decisions. It is my goal to help get your space organized in an efficient and timely manner, while acknowledging every person will have different lifestyles and obstacles to consider. After our initial consultation, I will have a better understanding of what can be achieved in the designated time frame.


Will you make me get rid of all my things?

No. You have the final say of what will stay and go. I am here to assist you in making choices on what will be considered trash, donated, sold, or kept. My role is to help guide you through this process.


Should I purchase any supplies?

Purchasing organizational supplies is not necessary until after we have completed our initial consultation. Different supplies will pertain to each client and that can be determined after initial evaluation.


How will I maintain my space?

It may be difficult at first, but know that it takes 21 day to form a new habit. I suggest you maintain your best over that first 21 days to become fully engaged in putting items away before more and more items become out of place. If questions with maintenance arise, please do not hesitate to contact me.


What areas do you work in?

Get Organized PGH currently serves the Allegheny County region of Allison Park, PA (within 20 mile radius of Allison Park, PA).