“From my experience, organizers can be bullies. Seriously! They tell you “toss this, that, you don’t need this” without listening much to the owner. Christina was WONDERFUL! We had just moved from a two-story house into a 2BR apt and you can just imagine what a struggle it was to find space. Especially with a little baby. Somehow, Christina was able to fit all of our necessities, listened to what I wanted to keep and what to store, and situated everything, what looked like an impossible task, so neatly and without a fuss! It’s a pleasure just having her over. If you haven’t met Christina – you’re in trouble!” –Wexford, PA

“Christina is amazing at what she does!  Everything has it’s own spot. Even down to smallest accessories, she always found a place. Christina made it look like that’s where things belonged. Christina helped me become the organized woman I am today. I am so thankful that she is in my life and for everything she has taught me about keeping things neat and tidy.” –Penn Hills, PA

“From my professional office setting to organizing my packing (and cleaning out) of my home, Christina, at Organize PGH has done it all for me! I have had her help me with so many projects because she is GREAT at what she does. She has made my life simpler by helping me organize my office (I am a doctor), as well as organizing my kitchen and pantry, and then eventually helping me organize and throw things away while packing for my move. Organization is not the easiest thing for me, so with her help and direction, I have been able to keep up with the systems she set up for me. I will continue to use Christina in the future to help me with my next move too!” –Pittsburgh, PA